Community Manager

Your new community manager, Alexandra!

Hey, I’m Alex! I’m an International Development graduate that has spent the last 4 years working hands on within Melbourne’s homeless community. After growing up in Country Victoria, I headed to the big smoke for University and to chase the opportunities and adventures that I was seeking. My work life and personal life have become a beautiful blur over the last few years full of challenging but life changing experiences. From undertaking my university placement in Timor Leste, to months of volunteering abroad in rural Thailand, working with Unexploded Ordnants (UXO) teams in Laos, living with self-sufficient communities in the Solomon Islands, mentoring refugee children in Melbourne, to providing emergency supplies for our homeless community every week – I’ve seen some of the biggest challenges facing our planet and people with my own eyes.

Clock 5 years of city life onto that and this path has led me to find that I’m passionate about two major things – people and community; that’s why I’m so excited to now be a part of the YBF ecosystem – a community of innovative and passionate people that are carving and creating their own future. Being a 90’s kid, technology has influenced, and continues to influence my life profoundly and the future of technology is something that both inspires and excites me. To be in a space where tech startups are unleashing their potential through collaboration and connection is incredibly cool and brings together the things I’m passionate about.

I’m a social butterfly and at my core I absolutely love meeting and working with people, but in my spare time I love to find peace and quiet in running, eco-friendly projects and reading. Even though I now call the city my home, you’ll find me road-tripping most weekends to surf on the Great Ocean Road, no matter the weather! My friends and family know me as an ‘Olympic-level optimist’ and my life motto is that the cup is always half full.

I’m so excited to be on board with the York Butter Factory team as an Associate Community Manager and can’t wait for the challenges that the future holds!

You’ll find me here from Monday – Friday. Come in and have a chat with me, or you can get in touch with me at