Aon's Vision

Aon wants to build a bridge with all of Victoria’s innovation hubs and use it as an opportunity to collaborate and address the emerging insurance and risk management challenges for progressive technology startups.

Aon’s strength lies in its deep knowledge and expertise on key areas such as: risk, data, capital, talent, health and retirement. Aon aims to leverage its resources and capabilities - ultimately, helping sustain the growth of the best and brightest entrepreneurs.

This vision also forms part of Aon’s plan to work in collaboration with the FinTech, InsurTech, RetailTech, MediaTech and HealthTech movements to assist start-ups as they reshape their respective market.

Aon's Startup Ecosystem Offering

Risk Advisory

Aon will support the start-up community by offering independent risk and insurance assessments to ensure that your business and personal risks are effectively managed so that you have adequate insurance in place should the worst happen.

Aon’s role is to work on your behalf with Insurers to provide solutions that mitigate those ever evolving risks that your business will face over its life cycle.

Furthermore, Aon and York Butter Factory will work together to facilitate ad-hoc advisory sessions and insurance clinics that focus on reviewing your ongoing contractual risk and insurance requirements.

  • Holistic understanding of your current needs
  • Safeguard against potential risks
  • Ensure you are compliant
  • Click here to contact a member of Aon’s dedicated YBF insurance team about protecting your business
  • Click here to find out more about Aon’s offers on personal insurance

Innovation and Collaboration

One of the key objectives of our partnership is to assist the Victorian Startup Ecosystem in your growth journey and we strongly believe that leveraging each other’s expertise and capabilities will lead to great commercial and strategic outcomes.

We would love to hear your ideas and specifically discuss opportunities if:

  • You have a new product or service that is aiming to disrupt the insurance, wealth or superannuation markets
  • Your products and services would be of value to Aon or our clients
  • Click here to discuss further with the Aon team

Product Distribution

Aon has significant experience in working with organisations to create insurance products that can be distributed to their customers to drive loyalty, engagement, trust and deliver a valuable additional revenue stream.

The partnership with York Butter Factory and the Victorian Startup Ecosystem will allow us to work together on the possibility of creating a scheme to benefit your business and your customers.

  • Create additional value for your customers by providing them with new insurance products
  • Drive additional revenue for your startup through creating insurance products with Aon
  • Click here to have a more in-depth chat with a member of Aon’s insurance team

Startup Ecosystem Partners


What The Community Is Saying


Nathan Merzvinskis

Co-founder & CEO, BlueQ

"AON's commitment to innovation is exemplified through their willingness to partner with growing start-ups such as BlueQ. Our partnership made a lot of sense on both sides - BlueQ gaining exposure to AON's massive client base, and AON's clients receiving access to a value adding service at a discount - but I was most impressed by the proactive manner in which the team at AON drove this partnership internally to get it off the ground.

BlueQ and AON's partnership has the potential scale into many verticals and geographies and we look forward to growing it together over the years to come."


Steve Guiness

General Manager, Plattar

"“The Aon team were very understanding of our business requirements and helped us find the right insurance product in a timely manner.”


Jerome Rault


"Aon recognises the need to partner with small, nimble enterprises like Romey in order to stay dominant and ahead of the curve in the highly regulated insurance marketplace. Few large enterprises are willing to take the time, or allocate the resources, required to support a strategy of growth through partnering with young, dynamic firms the way Aon does."


Eric Frost

CEO, Simple KYC

"Aon has been fantastic at navigating us through the complexities of finding the right insurances for us."