At YBF, we have one goal: To maximise the success of startups that call YBF home

Entrepreneurship can be a tough, lonely and difficult journey

People are at the centre of every startup – behind the technology and strategy, there are founders and team members working as hard as they can to make a dent in the world. Doing something different and bold sometimes means that the journey can be a lonely and difficult one.


We realized early on that the missing ingredient to create a truly vibrant ecosystem was a central point to focus the various communities of entrepreneurs – a place where startup founders can share their learnings and help each other achieve more.

That’s why we’re not just another coworking space

Over the last 5 years, we’ve designed and built an ecosystem to maximise your startups’ success. At YBF, startups can meet industry leaders, get direct support from our team of Community Managers, access over $300k worth of tech resources, and tap into our rich networks of investors and partners.


There’s a reason some of Australia’s most exciting technology startups were started at YBF – from Clover and Lamule to BlueThumb and Foodora. Our team members are an extension of your startup – acting as a point of contact for any help you need around fundraising, scaling, or even just to bounce off ideas.


With an active community of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and corporate partners, over 12,000 people in our ecosystem, and over 200 events run per year, we’re the destination point for Australia’s most innovative technology startups.

What’s Happening

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