The Intersekt organising team with Mike Smith

Intersekt: A Celebration of Australian FinTech Excellence

Since our inception in 2011, collaboration has been at the heart of the York Butter Factory’s business model and ethos. In fact, the main reason we started our hub was to foster and encourage the types of collaborative interactions that create revolutionary technologies and world-class teams.

In the years since we set out with this mission statement, we’ve seen the technology pie grow to many times the size it was in 2011. Tech startups have gone from being viewed as a niche industry, to being promoted as a foundational pillar of Australia’s future economy.

As the global economy increases in complexity, we have transitioned away from sparking innovation from within YBF’s walls, to refocus our model on creating “deeper” technology solutions through strategic industry partnerships. It is safe to say no other industry has been more willing to engage in this transition than the banking and finance industry. Banks are slowly evolving to redefine themselves as tech companies providing financial services. The traditional bricks-and-mortar idea of a bank is fading away, and Australia is the arena where this is happening at a rate unmatched by most markets around the world.

To celebrate the incredible accomplishments Australia has achieved in creating a globally renowned and competitive FinTech market, YBF has joined forces with Fintech Australia, Fintech Victoria, Next Money and Stone & Chalk to bring together Intersekt Festival – Australia’s first Fintech conference and week-long festival.

Intersekt Festival will not only be a showcase of the best that financial technology has on offer, but will also serve as a blueprint for how other industries can replicate the financial sector’s success in engaging with startups and new technologies. The name “Intersekt” derives from the idea that technology intersects with every industry, without exception.

This reference to the technology-industry intersection also serves as a powerful call-to-action: to introduce this mindset to as many industries as possible. By encouraging other industries to embrace their own intersections with technology, we hope Intersekt will be the spark to ignite a passion for technological transformation in sectors outside finance.

The Australian technology scene has always been inclusive and community-driven. However, as we expand we run the risk of fragmenting and losing the collaborative spirit that built the Australian technology community. Intersekt is a reminder that technology, more so than other sectors, is built by communities collaborating and coming together to create a brighter future for generations to come.

We are calling on the tech community to get on-board and support this truly unique initiative.

If you are interested in learning about how Australian businesses and entrepreneurs are shaping the future, come along and experience the first FinTech festival held in Australia!

To add to the excitement, delegates from all around the world will be flying in to share their insights. We are proud to be hosting them here in the world’s most liveable city.

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