Your New Corporate Partnerships Associate, Sameer!

Hi everyone, Sameer here!

I’m a Melbourne Uni Commerce graduate (Accounting & Finance) who has just come off a year working within a property management start-up in the CBD whilst securing permanent residency.

I was born and raised in Brunei, a tiny country in South East Asia which stays 30 degrees year-round. Brunei was a great place to grow up. Every evening I was out with the kids in my neighbourhood playing football, badminton, cricket, you name it we played it. Football was the one that really stuck as I became obsessed – I still play regularly and am a massive fan of Arsenal Football Club in England. In my spare time I enjoy the gym, socialising and music, particularly rap/hip-hop.

Growing up my family and I flew to Pakistan every year for the long school holidays, where my roots are from. Visiting extended family I experienced life back home first-hand. My awareness of my fortune and privileged upbringing heightened as we spent nights on mattresses on the floor in rooms with no air-conditioning. Perhaps this is why my parents emphasised academic focus, having my 2 brothers and I in British International Schools from the age of 3. I recall studying the curriculum of the year ahead of me as my father oversaw. Don’t ask me how I came out with an accent bordering on American though. Too much media maybe.

Fast forward to Australia for Uni and during this time I spent 3 incredible years at International House Melbourne where I was heavily involved in all facets of college, including managing thousands of dollars as a Treasurer on the Student Club. My time there taught me the importance of community – I sincerely believe a thriving community where members actively give back is the best route to each individual’s happiness. This is why I am over the moon to now be a full-time member of YBF!

The YBF family is in the most exciting phase of its growth so far and as the new Corporate Partnerships Associate I am thrilled to be able to directly interact with and develop Australia’s foremost technological and innovation ecosystem.

I am always up for a chat so come to me in person or alternatively drop me a line at