Startup Week Melbourne

Startup Week Melbourne 2016

Melbourne Startup Week is here! Between November 25th – December 2nd the entire startup community will come together in a week packed with innovation and learnings.
Startup Week is a celebration of the community through a structured program that aims to build momentum and opportunity around entrepreneurship.

Startup Week is the largest free event for startups worldwide. Take part in a series of events hosted and sponsored by many of our local startups as well as leading professionals in industry, discussing on the many subjects of design, development, entrepreneurship, marketing and lots more. Startup Week is a reflection of our hard work and our community’s unique entrepreneurial identity.

It’s from the community for the community.

Startup Week events are led by entrepreneurs who are here to help inspire and lead transformation in new areas. The relaxed setting and high energy of the events helps lower the barrier of entry into the Melbourne startup ecosystem. The events bring entrepreneurs together in a curated way where they can connect and collaborate – something that YBF strives for. Get to know others in the space, chat with the leading experts and visit some of the coolest offices in this city as we bring together over 1,000 founders, investors, designers and developers. Startup Week has spread from Colorado in 2010, to all over the U.S. including Seattle, Austin, Denver, Portland, Maine, over 75 other cities and now – Melbourne, Australia in 2016. Startup Week is now a global phenomenon.

York Butter Factory is proud to be hosting companies like Techstars, General Standards, and Mozilla within our walls during Startup Week, as well as supporting over 21 companies like Slack, Ernst & Young, BlueChilli to speak at venues all over the Melbourne CBD. We are extremely fortunate to be able to continue bringing communities together to generate meaningful outcomes for start-ups worldwide.

Special shoutout to General Standards for being one of the biggest supporters of the initiative!

How does it work?
Participants in Startup Week can choose the events they’d like to attend throughout the week of November 25th– December 2nd These events are held at various venues across the city. Take part in conversations with entrepreneurs like Bec Spink – co-founder at Code the Future, and Rahul Soans – co-founder at The Disruptive Business Network as they discuss the market, new technologies and opportunities that are changing the world today. Over 500 startups have been founded on previous Startup Weeks, What will it take for you to start yours?

For further information:
Additional information about the event, speakers and locations are found on the website: on the Startup Week Facebook Page

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