YBF Partners with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)

For New Zealand-based startups looking to expand into Australia, the new NZTE-YBF partnership provides them with a space to land and launch, along with a formal accelerator programme to help supercharge their growth within the Australian market.

From the Startup Smart:

New Zealand startups think global from day one out of necessity, according to New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s (NZTE) regional director Australia and Pacific, Clare Wilson.

Seventeen New Zealand startups have been in Melbourne to participate in the Digital Path to Market Program, a series of workshops aimed to help these startups scale outside New Zealand and into Australia.

The NZTE also has four startups working at York Butter Factory as part of an accelerator program it developed in conjunction with the co-working space. The six-month program costs the startups roughly $10,000, 50% of which is subsidised by the NZTE.

“We’re forced to go offshore far earlier than Australian startups,” Wilson says.

“The accelerator program helps companies looking for a landing pad in Melbourne, and it’s a wonderful opportunity.”

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