York Butter Factory – A “Magical Co-working Space” (
July 17, 2012

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Here at the York Butter Factory co-working space, we aim to foster a culture of collaboration and tough love, and we’re proud that our culture is reflected in the actions of our members and through the space itself.

Vanessa Tan, from Tech In Asia, was taken on a tour of the York Butter Factory by co-founders Stuart B. Richardson and Darcy Naunton, and noted some great things about our culture and environment;

“When I first got to the space, the thought that came to mind was, wow.”

“When Darcy Naunton, co-founder of YBF and general partner at Adventure Capital, took me on a tour around the two-storey YBF building, I was impressed at how deeply engaged the entrepreneurs were, on top of working late into the night.”

“It feels really cosy with its open plan co-working space with sofas and an informal collaborative area (pictured right) which has a really awesome coffee machine and industrial fridge. And oh, how can I forget the beer?”

We’re proud of the amazing culture that we’ve created here at the York Butter Factory, and are glad to see that our members are fuelled with the tenacity and determination that is reflected through their actions.

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