Weekly Recap (28 January – 1 February 2013)
February 1, 2013

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York Butter Factory Weekly Recap


Over the past week, we’ve had some quality entrepreneurs, startups, and events flow through the York Butter Factory ecosystem.

Here’s a quick update on the many things that have taken place this week;


1. World Startup Report with Bowei Gai

In his effort to document the world’s startup communities, Bowei Gai (founder of Cardmunch, acquired by LinkedIn) decided to allow himself to be exposed to the many different startup cultures in each location around the globe.

As part of his journey in each location, the World Startup Report organises an event to bring together the best of the local startup community and to provide an insight into the world of startups for those who have yet to dip their toes into entrepreneurship.

For the Melbourne leg of his journey, the York Butter Factory had the privilege of organising the local World Startup Report event, drawing an enthusiastic entrepreneurial crowd and providing Bowei Gai with an insight into the local startup community.

The World Startup Report event consisted of several segments. It began with Bowei Gai sharing the motivation behind his journey, and what he managed to observe about the startup community in India.

Next, we had the privilege of having Brad Feld (TechStars and Foundry Group) on a live video conference, sharing his unique insights and taking questions from the crowd for a solid 20-minute session of insight and knowledge.

The last segment of the event consisted of a Founders Panel involving Stuart B. Richardson (Adventure Capital & York Butter Factory), Leni Mayo (99 Designs, Flippa, Sitepoint), Long Zheng and Edward Hooper (121 Cast & Soundgecko), and Jayson Hornibrook (Peazie). The panel took various questions from the crowd and shared their thoughts about topics related to the startup and entrepreneurial scene in Melbourne.

The World Startup Report was also recently covered by Tech In Asia, with York Butter Factory and York Butter Factory co-founder Stuart B. Richardson receiving a special mention.

To follow Bowei Gai on his World Startup Report journey, follow him on twitter at @Bowei and the World Startup report at @WorldStartupRpt.


2. NetSquared Meetup – Top 10 Charity Videos of 2012

Hosted by Kyle Vermeulen and his wife, Richenda Vermeulen from Ntegrity (who works from the York Butter Factory), the event organised by the NetSquared Meetup Group shed light on the many factors that made the top 10 charity videos of 2012 into the successes that they were.

The night kicked off with a steady stream of participants braving the sudden Melbourne downpour to attend the event still brimming with enthusiasm and energy.

To all who attended – we here at the York Butter Factory hope you had a great time, and we’d like to thank NetSquared Melbourne for running an insightful (and entertaining) event!


We’ve had a great start to the year 2013 with some amazing events running at and with the York Butter Factory. To keep an eye on all our future events, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter; the year ahead is definitely on track to get bigger and better!