Weekly Recap (11-15 February 2013)
February 21, 2013

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York Butter Factory Weekly Recap (11-15 February 2013)



The past week has seen a whirlwind of amazing events, people, and wins right here at York Butter Factory. From running 7 top notch events over the course of 5 days to YBF members being featured in various online publications, we believe that the York Butter Factory ecosystem is primed for some big wins in 2013, if the past week is an indication of things to come.

We’ll start this Weekly Recap with some highlights of the events that have taken place over the week, followed by a quick shout-out to the amazing YBF members who have some wins to share!


1. Startup Sales Huddle with WeTeachMe

The Startup Sales Huddle is a monthly event run by the great people at WeTeachMe and York Butter Factory, with the aim of sharing the best practices and procedures to skyrocket your sales.

For the first Startup Sales Huddle of the year, WeTeachMe co-foudners Kym Huynh and Demi Markogiannaki presented on the challenges that they faced in the first few weeks following the launch of their platform – and the ways that they overcame these challenges to come out on top.

Here are some key takeaways from Demi and Kym’s presentation at the first ever Startup Sales Huddle here at York Butter Factory:


Lesson 1: Going out there and meeting clients was the most effective way to sign on our first clients.

Takeaway: Always push for meetings, rather than selling through cold calling.

Lesson 2: Close the deal when it’s hot – when clients are interested, get them right there and then or ask for the next meeting.

Takeaway: Don’t be complacent – seal the deal before they become cold again, otherwise you risk having to start the sales cycle again.

Lesson 3: Treat each relationship like an egg.

Takeaway: Clients want to be assured that there is a face attached to your company.

Lesson 4: They like the persistence. We won’t stop until they ask us to stop.

Takeaway: Try not to sell over the phone, and always be persistent with your clients until they personally ask you to stop. Cold calling will also come naturally eventually.

Lesson 5: Discover what your sales team is good at, and amplify it.

Takeaway: Each team member will have a different sales process – identify what that process is, and amplify their abilities in these processes.


Thank you Kym and Demi for sharing your amazing stories and insights – we’re looking forward to the next Startup Sales Huddle where a different startup founder will be sharing their experiences.


2. YBF Tuesday Skillshare – Capacity to Create by Paul Higgins

For the week’s skillshare, we had Paul Higgins present on how we can increase our Capacity to Create through identifying the various ways that our mind and technology can interact to form a synergistic workflow.

The talk covered various points and facilitated some great discussions among attendees. Here’s a quick overview:

Point 1: We can increase our ability for empathy by identifying what our preferences are (and that of our clients / partners) through the use of Ned Hermann’s Whole Brain Preference.

Point 2: The Six Box Concept – Identify the top 5 things that you are going to be famous / successful for, and identify the top 6 things that you need to do to achieve them.

Point 3: Email best practices – Do not leave your tasks in the form of an email. Immediately convert them to a task, note, contact, or calendar invite.

Point 4: There are various tools out there that will help to streamline and organise your workflow – some of them include Evernote, Podio, Asana, Slideshare, and Yammer.


3. Melbourne Mobile Meetup – Prototyping and Architecting your Apps



This was the first time that York Butter Factory had the pleasure of hosting the Melbourne Mobile Meetup – and we certainly are looking forward to the next Mobile Meetup here at YBF!

The meetup drew a great crowd of developers and great individuals – speakers for the event were volunteers who agreed to share their knowledge, and the event saw a turnout that was bigger than anticipated!

For the slides that were presented during the event, head over to the Melbourne Mobile Meetup page.


4. Startup Grind with Red Bubble

This session of Startup Grind Melbourne saw RedBubble founder Martin Hosking in a Fireside Chat with the crowd, sharing his experiences on growing Red Bubble to becoming a well-known name in the online e-commerce community.


 5. Advance Innovation Pitch Fest



The Melbourne leg of the Advance Innovation Pitch Fest saw the program being held at the York Butter Factory to the tune of a great crowd and quality startups.

During the night, the Pitch Fest saw 10 high-potential startups pitch their idea to a panel consisting of Doron Ben-Meir, Stuart B. Richardson, Nathan Sampimon, and Malcom Thornton.

These startups consisted of One Touch, Veridocx, MCommsTV, dataGO, Marketing4Restaurants, Slipperfits, Riskflo, and York Butter Factory members HealthKit, Capture Us, and Advisory Labs.

Congratulations to all the teams involved!


Finally, we’d like to give a quick shout out to the following York Butter Factory Members for their wins over the past week:


1. Adventure Capital

Congratulations to Adventure Capital for being featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Asia Venture Capital Journal, and E27!

Here’s an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal Article:

 Adventure Capital hopes to grow the number of investments in its stable to between 25 and 50. The fund will allocate between A$500,000 to A$5 million per company in return for stakes no smaller than 10%, and is focused on Australian startups with global ambition.

Adventure Capital has been instrumental in shaping the startup ecosystem in Australia, and we’re excited to follow their journey and to be a part of the startup ecosystem in Australia that they have forged.


2. Alison Hardacre, co-founder of HealthKit and Specialist Link:

Congratulations to Alison, who was recently featured in Women’s Agenda!

Now, the finalist in the NAB Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards sees an opportunity to make a difference on a global scale. “I saw the potential for the internet to change health. I understood the difficulties facing the system, doctors and patients,” she tells Women’s Agenda

For the full article, head on over to Women’s Agenda.


3. GetViable

York Butter Factory members GetViable are launching their amazing platform in the upcoming week – keep an eye out for it!


Thanks for reading, and the team here at York Butter Factory are looking forward to even bigger wins from our members, and to more quality events taking place that will take the Australian Startup Ecosystem to the next level!